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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with a variety of the best raw dog & cat food products and nutritional advice. We believe all pets deserve to live a healthy life and our aim is to help mainstream the raw feeding diet.

About Us

Togo's Pet Supplies is a family owned business established in 2022 located in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. We believe every pet deserves the most appropriate diet to their needs. That's why our goal is to provide pet owners with support and access to the most biologically appropriate raw pet food products on the market.

We want to help inform pet owners and provide the best raw dog & cat food product for their beloved pets. Feeding a raw diet doesn't have to be overly expensive and complicated. We provide access to a range of quality raw dog & cat food products for all budgets.  We're continuously developing resources and searching for products to make our customers and their pets happy.

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Our Story

Our journey with raw started when we decided to get our Husky Hades. Little did we know he had developed grain allergies as a puppy and suffered with a constantly irritated stomach. As pet owners it was heart breaking watching our beloved puppy in discomfort constantly losing weight and turning his nose up to most commercialised brands of dog food.

After countless visits to the vets, hours spent on research and wasted bags of dog food, we stumbled up on a couple of articles about the BARF diet for dogs. These articles changed the way we see all the commercial dry/wet dog and cat food brands forever.

Since then, we've managed to transition Hades and our older Staffordshire Terrier, Brown, to a full BARF raw dog food diet and have never looked back. Our dogs are thriving and they're always looking forward to mealtimes for a change now. 

This is why we created our brand to help pet owners make an informed decision about the diet they want to feed their pets and to provide them with access and support to switch to feeding raw dog/cat food , if this is something they feel could work for them and their pets.

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