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Benefits Of Raw Feeding

There are many benefits to feeding your pets a raw natural diet, the most popular benefits include:

Improved Bone & Joint Health

Feeding raw bones ensures your pet get plenty of vitamins and minerals such as calcium and collagen, needed to maintain bone and joint health.

Healthier Skin & Coat

Adding eggs & fish into your pet's diet provides them with Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps to develop that soft shiny coat. This can also help fight skin allergies.

Reduced Odour & Volume Stools

A healthy balanced raw diet contains low carbohydrate levels and no added grains such as corn and potatoes, leaving pets able to digest more of their food.

Improved Dental Health

Feeding whole bones regularly in your pet's diet assists with teeth plaque removal, especially in hard to reach places.

You won't believe us until you try it. Many pet owners can't believe the difference in their pet's behaviour and appearance just a couple of weeks after swapping to raw.

Other benefits/changes you might notice in your pets include:

More stabilised  energy/stamina

Less behavioural issues

Increased vitality in older pets

Improved digestion

Leaner more athletic build

Easier weight control

Feed the most nutritious diet for your cat and dog 

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