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Raw Feeding Calculator

Please only use our calculator as a basic guide as it doesn't take into consideration your pet's breed, activity levels or health conditions. You know your pets best if you feel like they might need less/more food try adjusting the amount slightly or get in touch with us for help.

How much food does my cat/dog need?

The general rule is you should feed your dog and/or cat 2-3% of their ideal bodyweight. However, some might need a little bit more or less depending on their lifestyle factors. If you can feel your dogs ribs but not see them they're the perfect weight. The same goes for your cat, if you can feel their spine but it doesn't feel knobbly they're the perfect weight. 

How much food does my puppy need?

Figuring out how much to feed your puppy is a bit more tricky as they require more food for their rapidly growing little bodies. However the general guide is:

0 - 4 months

8% - 10% bodyweight

4 - 6 months 

6 - 9 months  

6% - 8% body weight

4% - 6% body weight

9 - 11 months  

3% - 4% body weight

12 + months 

2% - 3% body weight

How much food does my kitten need?

There is no need to limit the amount of food your kitten eats. As long as the food is well balanced and you're offering your kitten several small meals per day they should be eating how much they want. At around 12 months of age you can start reducing their meals to 2 - 3 a day and feed 2% -3% of their ideal body weight. 

However, some bigger breeds such as Maine Coon should still be allowed to eat as much as they want to up until the age of 2.

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